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The last (?) intro video part, where the player ejects from his ship and the pterodactyl-like creature flies across the screen, hangs up. The jungle-ambient sound continues to play until I press a key, when the game sends you to the "Robinson's Requiem" logo.
It's nothing like a game stopper bug, but I'd still like to see the rest of the intro videos.
The installer didn't say anything about any file integrity errors so I'm assuming it's something else.
I've attached the image where the video hangs up.
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Try to change graphic mode in Menu startGOG.comRobinson's Requiem CollectionRobinson's RequiemGraphic Mode Setup
to sth else - one of those modes should works (I remember that I saw that intro to the end on my friend computer and he was using DDraw mode). If that wont work please send mailto our Technical Support and dont forget to attach dxdiag :)
I have the same problem. Just skip it and start to play the game. Well at least you will play for a little while until you die. *sigh*
Does anyone know how to fix this? I got the exact same problem.
Go to the game start menu folder, and use the graphic mode setup utility to change to a different graphic mode.
Like Skreczi said, DDraw seems to work fine.
Edit: Nope, it seems that the last sequence of the intro is indeed buggered. It hangs, and the last 10 seconds or so are never displayed...
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Yeah, I'd like to know if that is fixable, since I do want to see the rest of it.
Maybe GOG needs to contact the developer.
You can watch the intro on youtube
You have missed about 2 seconds of the pterodactyl flying into the myst so I personally wouldn't see this as much of an issue, of course unless you have seen the intro before you wouldn't of known this.
No, it's a bit more than 2 seconds. I watched the ingame intro and the intro on youtube on side by side PC's 3 or 4 times, and it's around 10/11 seconds. Granted, it doesn't add much to that last intro sequence.
I'm not going to throw the toys out of the pram for this, but i still would like the issue corrected if possible.
Ok then about 10 seconds of pterodactyl flying into the mist, the point is nothing major is missing off the end. It would be nice if GOG could fix this but if they are going to have to devote hours of time to do so they could probably put that time to better use elseware.
I can confirm that this still occurs in the current GOG release :\
Holy thread necro!

I will take a look at this next week.
the bug is still existent in 2021. =/

the video still stops at the scene with the DinoBird