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So, I just found out about this site today and got myself this little bundle of gems... I installed it and it works perfectly fine... up to the point of trying to play it.

With RR, it works fine till I start to play the game. Soon as the game starts, it INSISTS I'm trying to move right at all times. Thus, I can't stop moving, I can't walk... I managed to control it with my joypad so I can still try to move despite it insisting I'm still trying to move right... and the worst part is that I cannot click anything with the mouse (even after unplugging the joypad). I can't select any menus, I can't click the movement cursors, etc. I can't even find a way on the keyboard to open the game menu, if there is a way... Any advice would be most helpful.

Anyway moving to the latter, Deus... I have no control over it. There's no menu or movement options, etc (though I don't know if it's meant to have a HUD on screen or not as I've never played or even heard of the game before today). I can't seem to open the menus, I can move around with the number pad on my keyboard but not click anything on-screen or attack or anything with any buttons at my disposal... Pretty much as soon as I land it looks like I'm glitched half-way through the floor given my perspective (again, not sure it's meant to be like that)...
Again, any help given would be good.

Many thanks
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