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Okay so,

I purchased this collection the other day and I am enjoying Robinson's Requiem however I have encountered a bizarre affliction which has occured on two different PCs.

Near the start of the game a man approaches you and begins a conversation with you, however when using the English language all that comes out of his mouth is crazy distortion which is ear-splitting when using headphones! Oddly enough this is the ONLY time this seems to occur and other conversations seem to have no such problems.
I'm wondering if this is common to all GOG users who downloaded this game?

Another strange thing is that when playing in a different language (French was my choice of experiment as I can understand it a little bit) this distortion did not occur during this initial conversation.

Any ideas/similar issues?
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Ok... so in Direct3D mode, the game runs without this single vocal choppiness.

(Well, it's still a bit distorted, but that sounds like the actor's fault rather than the game this time)