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Hello ,

I run a small channel on Twitch and Youtube.

I'm trying to be fair and legal, so I'd like to know if I can legally stream and share content from this game, currently I'm not making money from this but in the future I would like to monetize it.

Somebody can help me and answer me , where i can find EULA for this game , or to who i should send email with question for permission?

Spellbound Entertainment AG,Microids,Wanadoo or maybe CD Projekt S.A. couse im from Poland and here CDP are producer.

Thaks for help in advance.

Oh wait.. there's more on google tab

Producers: Spellbound Entertainment, Strategy First

Publishers: RuneSoft, Strategy First, Wanadoo Edition, Wanadoo,Microïds ,Freeverse ETC.

So.. please help me , its to much for me xD
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