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I'm playing River City Ransom: Underground with the keyboard and having a blast. I've always played *all* 2D games I own on the PC with the keyboard and never had any issues whatsoever. Heck, I 100%ed Guacamelee using only keyboard.

Am I the only one who prefers keyboard over controllers when it comes to 2D games? I even prefer it over fight sticks when it comes to 2D fighting games, and I can more than hold my own against people using the "recommended" control method.
I doesn't like gamepads/joysticks or those doesn't like me, who knows. I'm totally with you and play everything on keyboard. I can have fingers on 3-4 separate buttons or even more depending on the movement keys while on gamepad I would have only one main button and the backside buttons which aren't confortable for me. I'm using keyboard since ages so no wonder.

I never tried arcade sticks with PC games but used to play on a lot of arcade games in the stores. That is a way more better than any gamepad for sure, I just can say this.
Linux Gamer - I've been playing PC games since the late 80's. I've done a good mix but for the last 17+ years I've been playing most of my computer games via gamepad. Never got into console much with the exception of the Sega Master System but that was eons ago.

I use a good mix - Steam Controller, Logitech F310, TTX Series, Hori Fighting Sticks, Makey Makey and Arcade Fighter Pads.

Most of my gaming diet is Beat'em Ups, Fighting, Party and co-op platformers. I do play other games like FPS, Strategy and such but those are all KB+Mouse.

I have my main rig setup for both, HTPCs is 100% gamepad games only with 2 to 8 gamepads ready to go, my gaming laptop is always with 2 fighting gamepads on the side for mobile gaming.

I love playing by gamepads because I have a few friends that don't game but I usually have something in my library that gets them curious and engaged in a few games as they visit or come over especially now since I do a BBQ on the weekends all the time.

My kids grew up playing all of the games on their computer and now they make their own game pads with adriuno and makey makey.
It's just a recommendation is all. This IS, after all, a tribute to an NES game. You should see some of the "controller recommendation" screens for Super Meat Boy!

Speaking of, when the hell is Super Meat Boy going to hit Gog?

Never did the whole Arduino thing, but I have made my own arcade sticks with PS360+ and Brook PS4 boards... Only damned way to get a stick with IL parts for the modern consoles, and they have the benefit of being PC compatible!
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