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Changelog for RC2 [Windows only] (added 05 July 2017):

- Adds missing redistributable
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Changelog for R3 (added 20 November 2017):

* Adds Simplified Chinese
* Adds completely new soundtrack to the game (OST by Dino Lionetti)
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Changelog for patch R5 (added 06 December 2017):
[Windows and macOS only; Linux Coming soon]

- Police in River City are now under-staffed. Your first crime is free™!
- Kingpins are now scary... for everyone except you! You will easily catch them!
- After you win, River City goes (mostly) back to normal
- If you run across an entire level, you are no longer rewarded with an invisible wall
- Charge moves do not trigger across level boundaries
- The default throw does damage again
- Fixed missing animations after throw-release from grapple moves
- Dojos now tell you the minimum level requirement for moves
- The standard knockback animation no longer depends on damage dealt (ie: strength)
- Improved calculation of the stamina threshold for desperation moves
- Changed how energy regeneration and max-energy gain from items are calculated
- Fixed missing XP rewards for a few bosses
- Mike: Now comes with Fat moves as standard
- Mike: Fixed move list text for Plumber Jump Kick and Inch Punch
- Rudy: Fixed move input for Mud Stomp
- Provie: Adjusted shop items to match Provie's actual moves (removed Pop Up, added Frizzle)
- Wes: Fixed Grapple Knee and Grapple Elbow (from front grapples)
- Alexis: Tweeky no longer gets stuck and can no longer hover
- Backer: Fixed Arm Bar Reversal
- Sewers 2: Can no longer fall behind the level on the right hand side
- Forest River: Fixed respawning after you fall off a log
- Merv Elevator: Turned off police spawning due to wanted level
- Oak Hill Mall: Fixed Le Jambon Cache door (for players at night) and Dragon's Dojo door (for AI)
- Minor fixes for the Chinese translation
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Changelog for Patch R6 (added 03 January 2018):

* We hope you're enjoying your holiday break!
* This latest patch just adds a little holiday fun somewhere in River City.
* Stay safe, have fun, and don't turn into coins. Not even bitcoins!

- Team RCRU