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At some point in the game, your ship is attacked by Captain Morgan. After I kill him, my character appears suspended above the ocean surface, with a ship visible in the distance, and the sounds of ongoing combat. There's no HUD, and you can't move or do anything else except look around. Screenshot attached.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, how can I skip this fight or otherwise avoid the bug?
This question / problem has been solved by helpo1image
I haven't encountered this particular bug myself, but I saw people recommending:

- loading a previous manual savegame (before setting sail),
- right-clicking and skipping the cutscene immediately after the fight,
- travelling to another harbor,
- killing him with a different weapon (preferrably a mundane melee weapon, like a sword).

I cannot confirm if any of this works, though.
I don't know which of the above did it, but the bug went away. Thanks.
It also happened after my third fight with a sea monster. Pretty annoying the bug hasn't been fixed yet.