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In the unofficial patch v1.3, there's a reference to this approach:
There is also a way to join both the Order and The Don, which I'm going to try as I'm in my 5th run thru the game (Risen forum explains how)
I haven't found the explanation anywhere on the Risen forum. Does anyone have any ideas?
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If you mean how it is/was possible to become a member of two factions at once, here is a walkthrough. I haven't tested it, but the guy who wrote it finished the game (in his own words) without any major bug or problem, just a few awkward situations.
1. complete all the quests in the Bandits' Camp (including wiping out Rudolf's camp)
2. complete all quests (+ sidequests) in the Harbor City for bandits, but do not give Scordo's packet to Esteban yet
3. go to the Monastery and be recruited into the Inquisition, complete all the quests (possibly except for finishing one test, e.g. Illumar's?)
4. give the package to Esteban (he won't give you any armor, but he will let you join bandits as a hunter); go to Carlos and ask if there's still something needed to do - he'll send you to Pallas
5. go to the Monastery again (the gate is open) (, finish Illumar's test?), go to Ignatius and undergo the initiation ritual.