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First off not my work, all credit goes to I believe 'rometwar1' on reddit; i just don't like having information all in one place and think it could use some redundancy so here is the way to hack R2R.

I like my games ez pz so I edit game files to give myself some advantage. This "modding" is extremely basic and could lead to errors so beware. I'm sure there is an easier way to do this and I just wasted your time and mine cause I'm dumb so.. Plz share.

So, what you'll need is:

The game's core.jar file (which could be opened with 7zip etc)

Some java class editor (I use JD-Gui to read class files, reJ to edit class files, and DirtyJoe to also edit class files)

How to start modding the game

Make a copy of the original core.jar so you would have something to go back to in case something goes wrong.

Open Core.jar, open the folder rtr inside, and there you'll see the folders which contain the class files which could be edited. Drag the .class file you want to edit to somewhere outside core.jar.

Use JD-Gui to see what's inside that class file.

Use either dirtyJoe or reJ to edit the class file.

After editing, drag the edited class file back to their original location on core.jar and overwrite.

The modding is trial and error. Go open up each folders, read the .class files with JD-Gui, if you see something you want to edit, then go ahead. You'll fuck up a lot, so remember to make back-ups.
32,000 storage capacity of building


Let's use FoodStorage.class

Open it up with reJ, then look for the all the resourceStorageMax text in the file. You'll notice that there are two kinds of things idk above it, bipush xx and sipush xx. Bipush' max value is 127, sipush' is something thousand. I noticed that bipush is for level 2 storage and sipush is level 3+ storage.

I changed ALL sipush xx above resourceStorageMax to sipush 32,000 so level 3 storage would have 32,000 max capacity. I left the bipush xx alone because fuck that.

Drag the edited FoodStorage.class back to core.jar.

And TA-DA! Now I only need one food storage building.

Traditional Difficulty Nomad Spawn Rate


Take GameModeTemplateTraditional.class

Open it up with dirtyJoe and scroll down to baseNomadSpawnRate

Change the integer 3 lines above it from 80000 to something you want.

Save and put the class file back to core.jar.

I changed it to 50 and I get people coming in everyday.

Traditional Difficulty Nomad Spawn Count

Basically the previous class file.

This time, open it up with reJ and look for nomadSpawnAmountMinimum. You'll see that the field above it can't be changed and I don't know why.

Right click that field and choose "Insert after.."

Choose bipush and put whatever number to parameters. I wrote 10.

Remove iconst_2 x so our bipush will replace that.

Now we'll have a minimum of 10 Nomads coming in, more slaves :D

House Capacity and Bonuses


Take out Housing.class

Open it up with reJ and look for occupantsMax.

This is a pain in the ass so I only changed the Housing_Upgrade_x_Quality.

Since iconst_x can't be changed, let's ignore it and focus only on the bipush x.

Housing_Upgrade_3_Quality has bipush so let's change occupantsMax x to 100. Again bipush' max is 127 so whatever. If you want to change these three bonuses, go ahead.

Make sure to change also the other Housing_Upgrade_3+_Quality that can be changed. I don't know what would happen if you don't because I'm not that stupid to not change them.

Save and put the class file back to core.jar.

ez pz layf

Fast Resources (Trees, Food) Regrow


Let's use TreesGreenCollected.class. Note: If you're gonna use other resources, use that resource's xxxxcollected.class.

Open it up with reJ and scroll down to bottom for regrowRate.

Change sipush xx to whatever. I wrote 65000.

Save and put the class file back to core.jar

No more need for motivate land :D ez



Take out whatever rock you want, I'll use RockWhiteCollected.class. Again, only use xxxxcollected.Class.

Open it up with reJ and scroll down to bottom for regrowRate.

Notice that the above field is iconst_m1 -1. That probably means this shit doesn't regrow.

Fuck that, right-click that field, choose "insert after..", and choose sipush. Write whatever, like 65000.

Remove iconst_m1 -1 so our boy sipush can replace it.

Save and put the class file back to core.jar.

Ez pz.

Enjoy! Also, don't make the game too easy or you'll make it boring in a couple hours.