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Since I see the developer has been actively responding to other threads (thank you!), I figure it's worth voicing my one annoyance with the game so far: I micro-manage the priority list for building construction / maintenance (mainly so my towers which keep getting targeted by Fire Elementals when I'm looking somewhere else have some chance of surviving), and this has noticeable effect. However, after too many hours of continuous gameplay, I do need to spend some part of my life doing non-game things, too - and then when I return to the game, my carefully set building priority has been reverted to something semi-random (probably related to when the buildings were first created?). As I have something like 9 pages of buildings, it'd be a great improvement if the building priority could be made persistent between game session. Thanks! :)

(In case this is already an intended feature, and it's a bug that this doesn't work: I'm currently playing on Traditional mode, on the Applemeadow map, on Ubuntu 16.04. Let me know if any other information is needed.)
Sorry for the slow reply,

This actually is already on the bug list. Although it's more a missing mechanic than a bug, a save system was simply never written for the priority list. I'm hoping to change that soon, possibly in the next patch. Time permitting, as it's weirdly a bit more complicated to correct than it should be. :)
Thank you for the response. With 21 pages of buildings right now, I'll be keeping my fingers firmly crossed that it'll indeed make the next patch! *g*
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