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This part of the forums is for posting suggestions for the rise to ruins dev to improve the game.

My examples:
-The walls and roads being individual build tiles are tiresome to place and build.
+They should be buildable such as gates with vertical or horizontal pieces in 5, 10, 20 unit blocks that have scaled costs.

-Pick/place spell is tiresome to use in that it only effects one thing at a time.
+It should be enabled as a vacuum like tool to suck up entire squares of resources with mounting mana cost to do so thus requiring less trips across the map for what is going to be done anyways.

-Current Spread rate of corruption is too high and there is currently a difficulty cliff between peaceful and normal that it is hard to imagine what nightmare difficulty actually is and it hurts the game.
+Spread rate should be nerfed massively and have 'waves' due to holding back it's spread only occur during the night. This will realistically set back the first wave to community expectations of the 3rd or fourth night.

-Not all buildings are equal but cost the same amount of building slots
+Increase building slots per upgrade and increase costs of central buildings as opposed to things like campfires which should either remain at 1 slot cost or not require slots because a campfire is not a building per se.

-the pointer doesn't point where the resources drop making it extremely difficult to use the basic function/
+User modifiable pointer

More will be added later to this post.
Post edited November 14, 2020 by MaceyNeil