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I'm on win 10 64bits and would like to replay the shareware version of the game using
Winnrott GL 1.64a, as soon as I press "run Winrott" the game crashes every time when it checks at startup the line "Entering BuildTables".

I still put all the wad files, the dlls, and the folders including "GL", in vain the game keeps crashing every time.

What's weird is that with the other version of WinrottGL which uses the "dark war" wad of the full version of the game, the game starts without problems.

Thanks in advance for helping me. I can't take it anymore.

Edit :Added a picture of the error.
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I finally managed to find a solution, this version of WinrottGL only works with version 1.3 shareware, it seems that older versions like 1.0 are not taken into account and make WinrottGL crash.