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1. Download Dosbox-Staging and extract it to a folder of your choice.

2. Follow these instructions to enable Gravis UltraSound in Dosbox-Staging.

3. Open Dosbox-Staging and mount your ROTT game folder:
mount c path\to\rott
Note: Replace path\to\rott with wherever you put ROTT on your system.

4. To enable Gravius Ultrasound in Rise of the Triad itself, navigate to your ROTT folder and run SNDSETUP.EXE

5. Enter the SETUP SOUND FX submenu, select ULTRASOUND, then press Enter to save your changes.

6. For ROTT’s music, enter the SETUP MUSIC submenu, select ULTRASOUND again, and press Enter to save your changes.

7. Press Escape, select YES, and press Enter to save your changes, then run ROTT.EXE as normal.

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