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LTCHIPS, the creator of this port, says the following regarding this release:

"It has come to my attention that I've never posted windows binaries before for rottexpr. Better late than never I suppose!

When setting it up, please be sure to figure out what version of ROTT you have. Below are a few pointers to help you figure it out.

If you've purchased it from an online retailer (GOG, Steam, etc), you more than likely have the SITE LICENSE version, so use the SITE LICENSE executable. If that for some reason doesn't work, try the COMMERCIAL executable.

If you somehow still have the original copy of the game, give both the SITE LICENSE or COMMERCIAL executable a try.

If you have the SHAREWARE version, you'll have to stick with the SHAREWARE executable.

Unfortunately, multiplayer is still not functional in this source port.

Anyways, hope this makes getting rottexpr up and running much easier for Windows users. Have fun!"

To run the game you'll need the following things:

SDL2.dll (

SDL2_mixer.dll (

And the files:


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Doesn't seem to run for me at all, no matter what executable I try.

EDIT: Never mind. You'd need to delete the Deluxe edition and Hunt Begins files for it to work.
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Maybe someone can help me with a problem. I have the port working fine, except that the sounds are all messed up.
The music is normal, but all the sound effects sound like they're higher pitched and sped up.
I can't get this thing to run, KentG mentioned deleting the Deluxe Edition files, but I don't know which ones they are. I tried deleting all the files that looked like they could mess with it, but it didn't work. I tried just dragging the files it needs into a seperate folder with just them and program, didn't work. Is there something I'm supposed to do other than click on rott.exe?

EDIT: I believe I missed the REMOTE1.RTS file, so the game wouldn't run.
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How do you run Extreme RotT or The Hunt Begins?
MidKnight91939: How do you run Extreme RotT or The Hunt Begins?

For Extreme ROTT, judging by the above document, you will need the FILERTL argument:

FILERTL - used to load Userlevels (RTL files) (next parameter is RTL filename)
1) Place EXTREME.RTL in your RottEXPR folder where the ROTT site license executable is (or whatever exe you're using for RottEXPR. GOG's ROTT release works with the site license).

2) Per the link below regarding creating Windows shortcuts, create a shortcut for RottEXPR and make sure it has FILERTL EXTREME.RTL as a launch parameter.

3) Double-click on your new shortcut to run Extreme ROTT.

For The Hunt Begins, refer to
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