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ROTT Manual Installation instructions
You can try downloading this alternate install program first. If that doesn't work, try these instructions.
Rise of the Triad: Manual Installation Instructions for those users with disk compression or other installation problems.
If you wish to run the game from your hard drive:
1. Run CHKDSK, SCANDISK, Norton Disk Doctor, or other similar disk checking program on the destination hard drive.
2. Make a directory on your hard drive that you would like the game installed to. Ex: c:\>md \ROTT
3. Change to the directory that you created. Ex: c:\>cd \ROTT
4. Change to your CD-ROM drive. Ex: If your CD-ROM drive is drive E, type e:
5. Change to the ROTTINST directory on the CD-ROM. Ex: e:\>cd \ROTTinst\
6. Copy all of the files in the ROTTINST directory to the destination directory on your hard drive. Ex: e:\ROTTinst>copy *.* c:
7. Change back to the destination drive and directory. Ex: e:\ROTTinst>c:
8. Using the Attrib command, remove the read-only attribute from the files. Ex: c:\ROTT>attrib -r *.*
9. Run the Rise of the Triad Setup program, and configure your sounds. Ex: c:\ROTT\>setup
10. After exiting the Setup program, type ROTT to run the game. Ex: c:\ROTT>ROTT
If you wish to run the game directly off of your CD-ROM:
1. Run CHKDSK, SCANDISK, Norton Disk Doctor, or other similar disk checking program on your hard drive.
2. Make a directory on your hard drive that you would like the savegame and configuration files stored. Ex: c:\>md \ROTTcd
3. Change to the directory that you created. Ex: c:\>cd \ROTTcd
4. Change to your CD-ROM drive. Ex: If your CD-ROM drive is drive E, type e:
5. Change to the ROTTCD directory on the CD-ROM. Ex: e:\>cd \ROTTcd
6. Copy all of the files in the ROTTCD directory to the destination directory on your hard drive. Ex: e:\ROTTcd>copy *.* c:
7. Change back to the destination drive and directory. Ex: e:\ROTTcd>c:
8. Using the Attrib command, remove the read-only attribute from the files. Ex: c:\ROTTcd>attrib -r *.*
9. Using the MS-DOS editor or another program, edit the ROTT.BAT file. Ex: c:\ROTTcd>edit ROTT.bat
10. In the ROTT.BAT file, there will be a line that has E: all by itself. If your CD-ROM is another drive other than E:, change the E to the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive.
11. If you chose a different drive for the savegame and configuration files, edit the line that has C: all by itself, and change C to the drive letter you selected.
12. If you chose a different directory for the savegame and configuration files, edit the line that states set apogeecd=c:\ROTTcd to the path that you designated the game to. Also change the line that says cd \ROTTcd to the directory that you copied the files into.
13. Once completed, type ROTT to bring up the setup menu. Configure your sounds, and then select "Save and Run ROTT" to run the game. You will not need to reconfigure your sounds each time, just pick "Save and Run ROTT" from the menu to start the game.
ROTT Modem Problems
99% of modem related problems are due to an incorrectly selected or incorrectly set up modem init string.
Please check your modem manual for the proper init strings. Apogee Technical support IS UNABLE TO ASSIST WITH SPECIFIC MODEM STRING SETUPS. The reason for this is that in order to provide a tested string, we would have to have that modem, and since we do not have all modems at Apogee HQ, it is not possible for us to provide support on a modem that we do not have. The modems we do have are listed in the MODEM.PCK file under "Tested Modem Strings". If you find you need to make your own string, you will need to prepare your modem init strings from the information you have at your disposal in your modem manual. It's not that we don't want to help. I'd love to be able to give everyone a modem string. The fact of the matter is that I CANNOT do it because of the reasons stated above.
* There are a few global rules that will apply no matter what you do in playing ROTT over the modem, and they are:
- You must have a 9600bps modem or higher.
- When connected to another computer, both sides MUST use the same port speed.
- The init string you are using MUST disable data compression.
- The init string you are using MUST disable error compression.
- Make sure you are running from DOS. Multi-tasking environments such as Windows or DesqView are not supported.
- There is NO Rule #6 (Bruce).
- This isn't a requirement, but we strongly recommend that you have a 16550 chip as your serial chip. Serial ports that use 8250's and 16450's are old, and do not have very large buffers, and can cause problems with modem play.
- This isn't actually a requirement, but we strongly recommend that you do this in your init string. Have your init string monitor the DTR, and if dropped, have the modem enter command state. This will allow ROTT to hang up the phone properly. If you do not do this, ROTT may not be able to properly hang up the telephone when it's done. This command is usually &D1. Please consult your modem manual for more information.
Here are some miscellaneous modem tips and information:
* Remember that you need to pick the same port speed as your opponent for serial play.
* "Live" RemoteRidicule will not work in modem/serial mode. In order to hook a microphone up to the game and be able to talk to your buddies, you will need to be playing in network play. The reason for this is that the bandwidth required to transmit the voice realtime is too great for modem play, hence it is a network only feature. Modem/serial can still use regular RemoteRidicule; you can press F1 through F10 during play to invoke a sound on everyone's computer!
* If you have trouble connecting at the higher listed rates, try a lower port speed. These are not actual connect rates, these are port opening speeds. We recommend you start at 9600, and then go from there to see what levels of port speed you can successfully connect and play at.
* When you play Rise of the Triad via modem/serial, you will note a line of text that reads "UART is a ..." This will either be 8250 or 16550. If you have an 8250, it means that you have a slow serial chip, and you may be prone to modem jerkiness, and other game slowdowns. Apogee strongly recommends a 16550 or greater serial chip, since these have larger buffers, and can deal with the influx of data better. If you have a 16450, it will be detected as an 8250, since a 16450 is virtually identical to an 8250. Also, software driven 16550 ports will most likely not be properly detected. You will need a "real" 16550 port in order to have it detected as such.
* If you have an 8250/16450, and experience slowdowns, try these steps to speed things up.
_ Make sure you are using 8 Bit Mono sound. 16 Bit Stereo sound sometimes makes things go slower on certain system configurations.
_ Try setting the number of voices from 8 down to 4. If this doesn't help, keep trying to lower the number of channels down until you get something that is acceptable.
_ Try with all sound and music off. If it is still slow, then the problem lies elsewhere.
_ Make sure the init string you are using is correct for your modem. Quite often, incorrect strings will cause VERY slow game play.
* Slowdowns during game play can be caused by several things. It can be your modem string, or it can be something simple like a bad phone connection, general bad phone lines in your area (or your opponents), or an 8250 chip.
* If you are the person making the call, you are player one, and you will be the "Master", and will be the one choosing the battle parameters and options.
* If you experience modem flakiness after connecting once, you might wish to physically turn your modem off and then back on again. Some modems do not reset properly, or react better if you switch them off and then on again.
* The MODEM.PCK file is a standard ASCII file. You can edit this as you desire, but you must follow the convention that is used in the file. If you alter the file format, you may not be able to pick modems properly. Please see the notes in the MODEM.PCK file for editing information.
* If you're not getting a response from your modem, please check and make sure that you have the right com port defined in the setup program. It's possible you have the wrong port selected, and are trying to play modem over your mouse. :)
What is the Mouse Threshold?
It's another mouse control device. The short of it is that there's a point you can set your mouse to where you can move it really slightly and nothing will happen. Let me see if I can diagram it..
0 3 20
This is horribly simplified, but I think it gets across what I'm trying to say. :) Say for example, I move my mouse, and the resulting movement causes the indicator (which is at 0 for non-moving) to move to a point where it would read 2 on this meter. Well, if you have the threshold set at 3, nothing would happen in ROTT, since you're below the threshold. If you moved the mouse more, and made it pass 3, then it would recognize what you're doing.
The Threshold Adjustment will let you move the point at which ROTT recognizes your mouse input up or down that scale. This make sense?
Gravis Ultrasound and ROTT
The problem that you are having with the Gravis Ultrasound is that you have your GUS set at a sixteen bit interrupt. Due to the major differences with the architecture of the GUS and other sound cards, we are unable to support sixteen bit interrupts. To get Rise of the Triad running with your GUS, you will need to change the interrupt to an 8bit interrupt, or one less or equal to eight. Otherwise, you will need to select none for you sound effects.
Error: "Marshoo1 not found"
If you get one of the errors "MARSHOO1 not found", or "WIGSHOO1 not found", it means there is a problem with the particular save game you're trying to use. There is a problem with the dead states of an actor in that game, and unfortunately, it's not going to be possible to get around it. What is happening is that the save game is trying to call in the graphic for an actor that is not in the shareware version of the game. ROTT has something called "alternate guards", so the game has a more random feel to it. Some actors have alternates, but they don't appear in shareware due to size limitations. However, some code was accidentally overlooked along these lines, and sometimes this error happens.
If you get it, the only thing that can be done is to delete the save game in question, since it's no longer useable. The occurrence of this error is random and somewhat rare, but if it does happen, you'll be unable to continue with that save game. This error has been corrected for the forthcoming release of Triad v1.1, but it is unfixable with v1.0. (This will also apply to any other error that ends in SHOO1.)
Error: "DrawNormalSprite:"
The error that you are receiving with Rise of the Triad, "DrawNormalSprite: x is out of range x=xxxx", is caused by a corrupted installation of the game. To correct this problem, you will need to delete the game from your hard drive and reinstall. When reinstalling, pay particularly close attention for any error messages that may occur, as you may have defective diskettes.
Error: "Quick Load save game" Lockup
The problem that you are having with the game is that when you see the message "Quick Load Save Game?", ROTT is asking you whether or not you want to load your save game. Hit "Y" to load the save game or "N" to restart the level.
Error: "Error opening Sound.rot"
The error that you are receiving (error opening sound.rot permission denied) is caused by the fact that you are trying to run Rott directly off of the CDROM. To run Rott from the CDROM, you first need to run the install program and select "Play Rott from the CD". This will copy two files to your hard drive. You will then need to edit the rott.bat file. Instructions on what to change within the file are actually located within the file. Once the neccesary changes have been made, change to the drive and directory you installed the files to run Rott
Error: "GetNumforName"
The error that you are receiving with Rise of the Triad, "W_GetNumForName: Tables Not Found", is caused by a corrupted installation of the game. To correct this problem, you will need to delete the game from your hard drive and reinstall. When reinstalling, pay particularly close attention for any error messages that may occur, as you may have defective diskettes.
If you loose the on screen messages
It would appear that you have turned off your message option. When inside of the game please press "F7" and you should see "Messages ON" if you do not see this please get back to and we will give you step by step directions on how to fix it.
Info on Coop mode (lack of) in ROTT
There are no "play against the enemies" modes (more commonly known as CoOp) in either Terminal Velcity or Rise of the Triad. All Comm-Bat games are devoid of game enemies, and it's your and your buddy/buddies against each other.
Why no CoOp? Well, quite frankly, no one around Apogee plays the games that way, and we didn't think it was a very needed feature, so they weren't put into the game. There are to be no code updates to either game to add this, as both games are considered "closed" (finished).
Serial game problems
There isn't much you can do about serial connections if they don't work beyond checking for these things..
1) Make sure both sides are at the same port speed. Use 9600 until you are sure it's working.
2) Make sure both sides have the correct com port defined.
3) Make sure you are using a TRUE null modem cable, not a serial cable with a null modem adaptor.
4) Make sure both sides have a 16550 port (or better). 16450's and 8250's can cause problems.
Null modem Cable layout
When we were in the testing Stages with Rise of the Triad, and Duke 3D we tested a lot of different Null Modem Adapters and none of them would work up to standard.
I actually can not answer your question on what the difference is, as up until I tried to get them to work I had no idea that there was a difference.
Please make sure that you are using a null modem cable. This will insure that the systems can talk to each other properly. If the "twisted" cable you currently have is not working, try using a different one. The cable you have may not have the correct wires crossed. Most computer stores carry true null modem cables: try one of these.
The actual lay out of the 9 pin to 9 pin female cable is as follows:
Pin 5 <-------> Pin 5
Pin 3 <-------> Pin 2
Pin 7 <-------> Pin 8
Pin 6 <-------> Pin 4
Pin 2 <-------> Pin 3
Pin 8 <-------> Pin 7
Pin 4 <-------> Pin 6
"Found too many players"
If ROTT bombs out with the "Found too many players...", it is most likely because the socket number used in ROTT (0xabcd) is conflicting with some other netware application on your network. To remedy this, just change the socket number in the SETUP program to something else, like DOOM's which is (0x869c).
Modem dials the wrong number
The problem that you are having is most likely due to the fact that you have something defined within your dialing prefix. To correct this problem, go within Modem game, and go to Modem Game/Change Dial Out Prefix. Make sure nothing is defined within this portion of the setup. The only time an item should be defined within here is if your phone system requires you to dial 9 to get an outside line, or a similar situation.
If there is nothing in there make sure that you have the number in the right column. A lot of customers will put the name in the number slot, and your modem will dial it just like you were spelling it on your phone.
Live Remote Ridicule
The game manuals refer to a version of Remote Ridicule where you could speak into a microphone, and the other players would hear you. Due to technical reasons, this feature did not make it into v1.3 of the game. Please note however, that the feature is only available on LAN play. It will not work in modem/serial/null modem play.
If you have an older version of the game, you can download patches on the Master Download Page.
What is Extreme ROTT?
Late in 1995, Apogee released an add-on pack to "Rise of the Triad" called "Extreme Rise of the Triad," which contained some new hazards and 42 new levels (designed by Joe Siegler and Tom Hall), and sold on CD for $19.95. This add-on pack was discontinued in November 1997.
About the Level "This causes an error"
In the Level "This Causes an Error" Does just that. It Causes an error. The only way that you can reach this level is by using the cheat codes.
It was a Problem that the programmers had when they were first starting and it was a Big problem that they wanted to leave it in the game as a joke.
To avoid this error do not warp to this level.
Shareware Episode 1 Lev. 6 Gold Door
In the Shareware version of ROTT, E1 A6, you need to push the pillar closest to the gold door. That pillar is a push wall that will give you access to the gold door.
It should be noted that this is actually shown in the game demos. If you just let the game demos run for awhile you might see some other things you didn't know about. :)
Episode 1 Level 7 BOSS
In order to get past Episode 1 Level 7 you do have to defeat General Darian. There is no trick to this, But I can give you some help.
General Darian gets around via a network of tunnels under the floor of his room. you can block off some of these tunnels by pushing pillars over them. Before you let him out of the center room, push all 4 sides of every pillar.
The best bet to defeating him is to keep moving, also it helps to go in a clockwise motion.
Episode 2 Level 3 Exit
In the room (Level 2-3) the exit is in the center of the room. Once you get past the Spear Room and flip the Switch go back to the Main Room and enter into the Silver Door. The Exit is in it.
If you hit TAB the exit is in the DIRECT center of the map.
Episode 3 Level 7 Boss
First in Episode 3 Level 7, "Know Thine NME", you must destroy NME. NME is the large robot on wheels that move extremely fast. Once NME is destroyed, the you should automatically exit the level and proceed to the next level.
There is no quick way of defeating the NME, you just have to keep firing at him. One hint that I can give is that he will only take damage when he is firing at you.
If you just can not defeat the NME, then I will give you the exit codes. First, you must enable the cheat code by typing the word "DIPSTICK" while playing the game. If you have messages turned on, you should see a message that says, "Cheat Codes Enabled". Once enabled, type "GOARCH" to end the current level.
Furthermore - if you happen to get the NME outside the room he is normally in, you can crash the game quite easily. The reason for this is that when the game was designed, we never thought anyone would be able to do that, so we made no code to allow for NME to be outside his room. If he hits the spinning blades in the next room, the game will crash. There is no way to stop this - the only solution is not to do that. :)
El Oscuro's lair Hint
A hint to defeating El Osucro in "The Lair of El Oscuro" level is to not assume you're supposed to use all the weapons you see.
However, if you want to know how to just defeat him, hold down your mouse button and drag your mouse over the empty area right below this text.
The trick to El Oscuro in the "Lair of El Oscuro" level is to not fire at him at all. You need to just avoid him for awhile, and he'll eventually expend his own energy and die. Firing at him only makes him stronger.
Bear in mind that this is not the last level, there are two more levels with some variant of El Oscuro. The final level "In the Dark Nest" has a real big trick to defeating El Oscuro. Write us back if you can't figure it out, and need the answer.
Alone in the Dark Nest walk through
(This solution implies that you save your game several times, since you'll probably die a few times doing all this if you've never done it before.)
To defeat El Oscuro properly in the "In the Dark Nest" level, you need to first get rid of the two rooms of larvae that are at the start of the level. Do NOT go up the stairs right away. Back up, and get one of the heat vests, and look around on the left hand wall. There's a bunch of larvae in there. Destroy them, and while you're in there, go over towards the Oscuro wall, and you'll hit a touchplate. Then, go back to the stairwell, but do not go up, go into the similar room of larvae on the other side, and you'll note that a wall has moved back, and you'll be able to get the Oscuro key behind a wall that was in the way (it would have been in the way if you went to this room first). Get rid of all the larvae in this room too, and THEN you can go up the stairwell (you might as well grab a fully charged weapon and another heat vest befor you go up there).
Go to the top of the stairs, but do not go over yet. Look down, and you'll see two "rooms" in front of you. The rightmost one is the one you want to go at first. If you just walk off gently, you'll fall on a mercury mode that is suspended in the air. If you run off, you'll miss it. There's a touchplate around the outside of the aforementioned "room" that will allow access inside. (This goes for all 4 "rooms" in the main battle chamber, but this one is the one we want to concern ourselves with now). Anyway, inside there is a touchplate. Hit that touchplate, and a firewall at the far end of the room, a firewall will move out of the way revealing a doorway which is opened with the Oscuro key you got before you came up the stairs. To get over the wall, you need to do one of these things.
Try not to let Snake Oscuro get trapped in here with you, or it will make things very difficult.
1) Fly over it (if you got the mercury mode when falling off the steps) 2) Grab the firevest, and then the firebomb. Turn around, and point the firebomb at the floor. You'll fly up in the air, and over the wall.
Once over, there's a pushwall to be pushed. Follow the now opened up pathway, and you'll be led to the third room of larvae. Look out in this room, as there are a lot of Deathfire Monks in here, too. Once you dispose of all the larvae, SAVE YOUR GAME! :) You can then go back out the way you came in, and defeat the Oscuro Snake, and on to final victory.
Note: The Oscuro snake can only be hurt when he's over a firepit.