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Map 5 : Two-key return

I'd like to make it clear that I don't want to use a video to help me, thank you.

So, I don't understand... I've explored a good part of the level and I've got the Iron Key (The first key we get if I'm not mistaken) but then it's impossible for me to know where to go next to get the Gold Key.

I activated the two switches in the northeast corner of the map, and explored the south-eastern part, but in my opinion there's only one tedious platform passage with just one poor bonus to pick up, I mean nothing, useful for the progression of the level.

I must have forgotten to go somewhere or flip a switch/walk on a Tactical-Slab.

Here a screenshot

Help or I'll go crazy...

Edit It's resolved.
Post edited August 03, 2023 by thedkm