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Has anyone had any luck getting this to run on Linux? I couldn't get this game running at all in CrossOver 12.2.2 (Wine version 1.5.15); it just crashes immediately. It wouldn't even show the launcher.
Update: I have it working :) I copied the config/save data from over from my Windows install and ran /Binaries/Win32/ROTT.exe directly and it appears to run reasonably well (no visible glitching etc), although it's a little stuttery - but then, I currently have everything set to "Ludicrous"... I'm sure a bit of tweaking will resolve this.

It would seem that it's just the launcher that doesn't like Linux :P
That's because the launcher is .net 4.0 and Microsoft .net is not known to play along well with Wine.

I'm running it in Mac via Wine (on a top of the line 27 inch iMac) and I had to launch the ROTT executable directly too. Also for me having the preset at ludicrous helped me some with performance actually... but I had to have a friend who plays it in windows with those settings send me their .ini files so I can do some minor edits and replace mine with them.

There's still some sluggishness in some levels as well as pausing when new stuff loads and there was even an out of video ram error (I have 2GB of VRAM) one time... but other than that and all the inerent glitches the game has (and there are many) the game seems to be running OK for me. I've completed a whole playthrough with one character already and almost all of E1 with another character.
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Yeah, I know compatibility varies a lot with .NET. Almost everything else that that I've tried so far that uses .NET has worked fine - this is actually the first I've come across that won't work at all.

Anyone that wants to this on Linux/Mac will have to copy over the config files from a Windows install / edit them manually to set the game up and play by starting ROTT.exe directly. On the plus side the game does seem to run quite well on Linux though.

Prior to running the GOG installer I installed the following (using a new WinXP bottle):

DirectX Runtime - Modern
Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable
.NET 2.0 SP2
.NET 4.0
Optional: PhysX
So, CrossOver 12.5 (using Wine version 1.6) was released today.

The launcher now appears to work almost fully (lacks sound, but that's no real loss tbh as it's just the launcher). The game even seems to run a bit more smoothly now too :)
I just sent frederik himself a message about if or when ever it gets released for future of Steam OS on linux from facebook :) Hopefully he answers with an answer :)
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