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I've tried to finish this game in so many builds arelady, that I've lost track of it. Always same problem since 2013: Desktop Crashes.

The thing is, that at some point of the game (but it already happened at the beginning, but with less regularity) it stars to crash and send you back to the desktop. It happens when you die very often (jumping over the lava moments, and stuff) and when you try to QuickLoad your saved game.

I have done some research on the Internet, and no solutions for a guy 5 years ago: he tried everything and no result.

Anybody that suffered the same thing?
I am having the same problem. 5950x, 3090, 64gb of ram, fresh install of windows 10. the game locks up within 10-15 minutes of playing and sometimes will crash out, and other times will just hard-lock my system. I'm also getting graphical glitches in the game, have tried fiddling with graphics settings to fix, but it still crashes =/
It's sad, I wanted to play this.
Post edited November 03, 2021 by zenstrata