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I just fired up rott 2013 to enjoy some multiplayer, but the maps i've tried to enter online, just cancel out with error messages.

The launcher also notifies about a 1,3 patch which i'm not able to find here. Any estimates on when this one will be made available?
Since Steam users just got the 1.3 release a short time ago ( 4 hours ago according to their thread), it will be in the not too distant future. Depends on when the patch is given to GOG for approval and release.
yeah im waiting here still.
I'm waiting, too :)
Am I the only GOG ROTT player who wonders if they'll send the patch our way? I already feel a little bummed that we can not use Steam Workshop support for custom content (although DRM-Free outweighs it in every regard! :D), but because they seem to be shifting towards Steam due to its Workshop, it worries me that us GOG players may not see Rise of the Triad 2013 v1.3 patch :-(

EDIT: Okay so I spoke WAY too soon and after I posted this thread response, the patch got released! Sorry! XD
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I see the update already is here. Nice.

Kudos to Interceptor and gog ;)