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A problem often arising with playing older games is the issue of nostalgia; is the game actually relevant nowadays, can I have fun playing it? In answering this question for Rise of the Triad, it's a little difficult.
When I was a young one playing numerous shareware titles released by the wonderful Apogee Software, Rise of the Triad was always a fun one to go back and play for me: its over-the-top "ludicrous gibs", campy humor, and incredibly memorable soundtrack were, and still are, the best parts of that game. But are they relevant now? I give that question a big maybe.
The story is simple: you play as an agent of a special forces team sent to an island filled with cultists plotting to destroy Los Angeles, and you have to stop them. Running through a series of very similar levels, you mow down the crazies with dual pistols, MP40s, and bazookas, among many other weapons.
It was always wonderful finding that second pistol and shooting all those enemies pleading for their life on their knees with a bazooka, shooting ludicrous gibs all over the world, jumping on trampoline platforms, evading flame balls and lava columns. All to the wondorous tunes of Lee Jackson and Bobby Prince. Yep, always wonderful.
Always wonderful... in 1995. In 2009? Again, a big maybe. For someone that has never played this game to appreciate it would most definitely require them to put themselves in the mindset of a PC gamer in 1995, and learn to appreciate the design that went into this game. For the community of GOG, I don't expect that requirement to be hard to fulfill.
Overall, Rise of the Triad is a good purchase from GOG, but I feel it has fallen victim to "nostalgitis". I highly recommend it if you want to play as god or a dog, flying in the air, while on shrooms!