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i cannot find anyone on the internet reporting about this issue.

in rott 2013 the flamewall very often sets enemies on fire without making them explode. (i am playing the singleplayer campaign) they just burn and become invulnerable to follow up flamefall shots. this lasts for a few seconds as long as they burn.

most of the time it happens when the enemy is walking in the direction of the player.

is this a bug?

is there a fix for this because it's quite game breaking.
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ok, this board seems to be dead so i think i just post what i´ve found out:

now that i´ve played the game (a lot) more: it is a bug but it doesn´t happen as often as i thought in the first place. guess i just had bad luck. nothing gamebreaking. if a lot of enemies stand close toghether and are running at you then you have a situation which panders this bug to happen. it also can happen in other situations, but it is not likely to do so as frequently. that beeing said it is still a very powerful and useful weapon.

however the secondary fire mode (the machingegun like mode) is bugged pretty badly and often kills the wrong enemy or does even nothing. you don´t need this mode anyway because it´s rather weak compared to the flame waves.

still a buggy game after all the patches. thats kind of sad actually. i guess the project was to big for the developer team. nevertheless this shooter is a lot of fun. i would buy it again just for the gameplay.
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I found the secondary much more useful. Does good damage.