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Hi. I downloaded ROTT Dark War on GOG today, I used the Galaxy client to buy and download it and I'm running it on my iMac. The game plays very well, however I think the default settings in the game, particularly the keyboard settings, aren't the original developer's default settings. The game seems to be set up to use the WASD keys for moving around, the W and S keys walk backwards and forwards and the A and D keys strafe left and right, much like a modern FPS I think. I can remember playing ROTT for the first time on my Dad's PC in 1995/1996 and on his PC the 4 arrow keys controlled the movement as is the case with most other early FPS games like Doom and Wolfenstein 3D etc. I also downloaded ROTT directly from 3D Realms onto my iMac in 2012 and installed it into Boxer with the help of CrossOver Games and in that version too, the default keyboard settings use the 4 arrow keys for movement as I would have expected. I was also very surprised to discover that when I went into the restore game menu, there was a game saved with the name of dada, I'm going to assume this game save was created by someone from GOG perhaps. It's like someone from GOG set the game up with settings they liked and then played it for a little while before they packaged the game up with the emulator and uploaded it to the servers. I personally don't like the WASD arrangement so I of course went in and changed the keyboard settings to something that I'm more used to, I should also say that the most modern FPS game I played on the PC was Half Life, that should tell you something. In the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter, but I'd like to know if anyone else who bought Dark War has noticed this oddity with the default game settings. I would personally prefer it if the default settings were the actual true original developer's default settings, I know it's such an insignificant issue, but I was just surprised to discover this when I bought the game. Has anyone else who bought ROTT Dark War experienced this same thing? Why would GOG package the game like this with different default settings? Has anybody else experienced similar issues with other games they've purchased from GOG?