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Hey everyone,

So here's my dilemma, I'm an long time gamer, and I remember playing the shareware version of ROTT to death back in the day. Unfortunately, I was a kid and couldn't afford to buy it at the time (and my parents probably weren't going to get it for me).

After playing Duke 3D and Doom to relive my youth, and still finding them fun to play, I figure now is a good time to go back and see what I missed out on with ROTT.

My question is: which one do I go with? Dark War or the 2013 remake? I kind of want the graphics from the original (I like that old school 2.5D look) but I can't stand old keyboard only control schemes anymore. And if the 2013 version fixed any issues with the original that improves it in some way, maybe that's the better route to go.

Also, does the 2013 remake come with option for classic graphics?
2013 is a pretty great remake, and although I have quite a lot of fondness for the original I think 2013 is overall a better more enjoyable game. However, if nostalgia is your thing, you might be better of going with the original. The remake is faithful in spirit, but not necessarily just the original with shinier visuals. And sadly, there is no option for playing with the original visuals. Too much of the level design is different anyway.

As far as the original goes, I was able to get WADS/mouse to work fairly wall with a little bit of tweaking (you have to up the mouse sensitivity in DosBox and disable the vertical axis). You could also give WinRoTT a try ( I think it's a pretty great port that smooths out a lot of the issues you might have with the controls/fidelity of the original game. My only complaint is that it seems to do something weird with the map, control-wise, and it makes it very hard to use.
jefequeso's suggestion is good. Get WinRott. I suggest the Open GL version, GL Rott (a.k.a. WinRott GL, Open GL WinRott, etc). They're all available from the same site.

It's a source port for the original Dark War. You still need the original game, it just updates the graphics and controls so you can play in high resolution widescreen with more modern controls. Source ports are available for several old games like Doom, Quake, Descent, Duke 3D, Shadow Warrior, and more.