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Heya! Going to compile a list of common issues, hopefully helping you guys without the need to open a thread.

[h1]Q: Can't run the game, says something about locked file content[/h1]

A: Some antivirus like to block recently published games (especially Avast and Norton). Please add the game to their whitelist.

[h1]Q: The interface seems too big, too small, or some elements are missing[/h1]

A: The UI Scaling setting is off. Go to the options menu and try to change it until you find one suited to your monitor and resolution.

[h1]Q: Tutorial is broken! I can't place any roads![/h1]

A: Contrary to other games, in this one you don't place the individual road tiles, but the connections between them. This will come especially handy when solving traffic issues, where you can make complex intersections and mazes. Example:

[h1]Q: Cannot see the construction bar at the bottom of the screen[/h1]

A: Try changing the scaling or resolution, your screen is not big enough.

[h1]Q: My interface disappeared![/h1]

A: You hit the "Screenshot Mode" hotkey. Enable/disable it with F11.

[h1]Q: I get a black screen or wrong resolution and can't change it in-game![/h1]

A: Force open the launcher (add "-show-screen-selector" in the "set launch" option) and choose manually the resolution and monitor. Recommend 1080p or less in windowed mode.

[h1]Q: How do I change the controls?![/h1]

A: Force open the launcher (add "-show-screen-selector" in the "set launch" option) and click on the input tab:

[h1]Q: I completely messed up the game settings and need to reset them![/h1]

A: Delete the registry keys and reinstall the game to clean out everything (don't worry, your saves are left untouched):
On macOS: ~/Library/Preferences folder, in a file named unity.DapperPenguinStudios.RiseOfIndustry.plist

On Windows, go to the Registry Editor (Windows, Run, "regedit") and delete the folder under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Dapper Penguin Studios\Rise Of Industry

On Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/DapperPenguinStudios/RiseOfIndustry

[h1]Q: How do I...?[/h1]

A: Have you played the tutorial AND read the help panel? Is it missing? Please add it here and I'll make sure that it will be included in the next version.