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Holding shift while placing a headquarters lets me place multiple headquarters...

The demo (to me) is actually so horrible that it rather encourages me to not even look back at this game. The clear lack of thread management (Running at 100% CPU, and underclocking doesn't slow the game down [obviously that slows loading down though]) is never a good sign for the competence of the developer.

I understand that this has been fixed, but it still reflects poorly for initial judgements

There seems to be a bit of a misconception as to what a demo should be. You should want people "playing without paying" because the more they enjoy themselves in the demo, the more likely they will shell out and buy the full game... as it stands the demo looks interesting (I never actually played this type of game before) but is extremely restrictive.

No saving... AND a limited tech tree which removes the most interesting feature that was included in the tutorial (Truck Depots).

No saving is okay if you're releasing a "Full Game" demo... the same with doomsday timers (get 3 hours of gameplay with most things unlocked and then you're locked from playing that save)... even having an "achievement" doomsday trigger (you've earned 10 million dollars, we've saved your game buy the full version to keep playing)

A limited demo is fine, but I felt that truck depots were a critical technology (given the tutorial)... but then tacking no saving on top of that was too much (really, saving and reverting in this type of game is typical... this isn't a rogue-lite is it?). You're pretty much making it very clear that you do not want anyone enjoying themselves while playing the demo (playing without paying) and instead only want impulse buys for the full version.