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Why decide to join games in development on GOG?
GOG’s Games in Development is a way for players to enjoy RIOT – Civil Unrest while it is in the final stages of development. With the community’s support and input we aim to make RIOT – Civil Unrest an enjoyable Simulation that will keep fans of the genre coming back for more time after time.
By launching the game into Games in Development we hope to ensure the RIOT- Civil Unrest will be rock-solid when fully launched. We encourage the community to provide feedback as we progress through the final stages of development. With the players’ support, feedback and input we believe we can make RIOT – Civil Unrest even better then we have planned.

Approximately how long will this game be in Games in Development?
We envisage the game to stay in Games in Development until sometime around Spring 2018 – we’re thinking April / May time.

What do you plan to change during development?
All of RIOT – Civil Unrest’s core mechanics are in the Games in Development version. We’ll continue to tweak these as well as add content. We’ll also respond to players’ suggestions, comments and recommendations. We'll also keep updating the code and offer patch/update notes so you can see exactly what we've changed.

What is the current state of your game?
The Games in Development launch version is pretty robust. Progress on the game has been extraordinary over the past six months. We are confident the code will stand up to scrutiny.

Will the price change on release day?
Yes, probably, maybe... The price point is likely to change. The price certainly won't head south when the final version is released, best get in now and save a few dollars.

How can the community participate in the development process?
We want the community to get involved. The plan is to update regularly and post on the game's community page on a regular basis. We'll look out for user comments, observations, recommendations and the like. Where possible we'll act on the community's suggestions too. To make things easy, every time a player leaves the game they'll be presented with a Google doc that can be submitted with suggestions and comments.

How often do you expect to release updates?
Minor updates will happen on an almost daily basis. More meaty updates are planned every couple of weeks. We’ll be pushing out content updates too – the most anticipated will be the editor, allowing players to create their own clashes.