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Hi guys !
As said in the title, the game is pretty much left unupdated on GOG !
Could you please update it as regularly as on Steam ? We're still waiting for the tutorials on GOG...

Almost a year later, let's see....
Last Update here seems to have been on the 7th of June - or if there is newer ones, the devs didn't bother to give any indication of that. Steam ([url=[/u[/url]]) seems to have gotten some on 3Jul, 31Jul and 17Sep.

It also seems quite clear that the devs can't manage to have someone check in here at least yearly or more often. Shame.

Edit: I can live with a couple of days, or at most a week or two, of delay. I appreciate the extra work involved in releasing on multiple shops and that different platforms offer different levels of features for developers, especially for in development. However, I don't think it's too much to ask to get some sort of life sign from the project here in half a year. For example by updating the changelog.
Post edited December 07, 2018 by steffen17