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So I try starting the game on my Windows PC. No matter whether in window or fullscreen mode nor what quality I chose,
when I do - directly at start - the window opens but a second later I get a message that the game has a pointer to a different memory position where the game won't run.

I have two options.
Accept it -> causing the app to crash directly.
Debug the game -> this opens a debugger. However, that means I have not pressed OK at this error and the game continues until I press the OK button. So leaving the error message in the background (not doing anything with the debugger) doesn't necessarily crash the app.
I can still play it - just have to be careful not to accidentally press the OK button of the error message.

Since this is not a great solution, I wanted to ask if anyone has experienced this (obviously not necessarily fatal) bug, too?
Post edited March 24, 2019 by TobiasReich