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So I've beaten the single player campaign, I have all techs researched (but not bought, so that will take some time). The question now comes:

What now?

I could play it again at a higher difficulty, however a good portion of the missions (especially early on) are predetermined hulls. This means some of the missions are very very hard or nearly impossible to begin with. Yes they can be done but I really don't feel like going through the same thing again (although I've done a portion of it already again).

There is multi-player and the DOTA style play, however after trying a few sessions of it I'm somehow not that riveted on it. There might be more multi-player options but being regional it somehow feels disconnected.

I'd wonder if there could be an additional 20-hours campaign extension that could be written where you work for a faction on the side... Doing more stealth missions were really fun. Hmmm...