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Hi everyone,

We have uploaded the latest patch for Ring Runner. This will bring your game up to version


- Added several new pieces of equipment and abilities.
- Rebalanced several pieces of equipment and abilities.
- The game will no longer crash if no valid audio device is found.
- Added Windowed Borderless display mode.
- You are now able to switch between mouse/keyboard and gamepad on the fly.
- Added option to disable auto targeting.
- Improved UI controls for DPad and keyboard navigation.
- Added Reconnect button for rejoining last multiplayer server.
- Stability and bandwidth optimizations for multiplayer.
- Fixed several bugs and crashes in multiplayer.
- Multiplayer Deathmatch now allows 8 players.
- Reworked graphics for several abilities.
- Reworked a few Prebuilt ships.
- Improved experience when playing a Duo hull with only one player.
- Improved Quick join logic.
- Added option to disable god rays.
- Added sage powerups in Zombie Survival mode.
- Added Space Defense league solo, coop, and versus modes.

Thanks and have a nice day :)
Good to still see updates for this game. I'm having trouble making enough credits to buy all the parts :P

I bought it over two weeks ago, and I'm nearly done with the campaign. (my health been on the decline, so I play games way less often, cry).
Like I said, I'll give my view on the game when I finish campaign.

I have yet to try multiplayer, it seems way more fun. Could we possible suggest new game modes?
last man standing <everyone spawns when only one person is left alive, thouse scoring point for their team>
freeze <ala quake 3 mod.. I love this q3 mod>
liscense to kill <1 hit deaths/kills> <- I know this will make some weapons/builds way worse then others, but still a game mode... can do like Golden Eye, and have weapon limits, like short range only, no spread/multi shot guns, etc.. ala pistals

Can we play multiplayer with the people that bought this game on greenman/gamersgate/desura/amazon/shinyloot/fireflower/triple.b? (and the future steam version)
I would hate, HATE, for the player base to be split up, before I even had a chance to try multiplayer.

Again, nice to see an update.. I can't wait for moba mode.
JudasIscariot: - Added Space Defense league solo, coop, and versus modes.
So this comes pre-bundled with SDL (Space Defense League) already? That's good to know.

And here I was looking for a download-able add-on that's commented on their site and elsewhere and not finding it.