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Hello, Triple.B.Titles Developers, GOG Community. Today I want to ask Triple.B.Titles Developers of the game to add Achievements (GOG Galaxy Achievements) to the game. In the Steam store Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages already comes with Achievements when you buy it, so it will be great to see Achievements also in the GOG version, gamers will be much obliged for an added feature. Besides that, I am sure that the presence of Achievements will boost sales in the GOG store.
Game Community, I want to ask you to support this initiative by voting for my friend's post on the GOG Community Wishlist Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages with Achievements. Your help will be a good signal for the Developers to add Achievements to the game.
I wrote messages to the developers on all social media that I found but I have not received any replies. With all that I have an assumption that developers are not interested in further development and fixing of the gog version. So gamers who hope to see achievements or other features here - it is mostly unlikely that developers will do this.