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I shall "create a macro", bur how??? I`m in a ring that shoots balls on me. I can shoot them but after some time I just die because those balls come without end. I don`t know what to do! The game doesn`t tell me what to do, All I can do is shoot, but I can do no more, so I keep on dying. WTF do I have to do??
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Have you tried using the ability that lets you freeze the orbs in place for a few seconds? Every time you destroy the orbs with the purple beam, you should see some yellow lights fly towards your ship and start orbiting around it. Once you have enough of them you can use an ability that creates a burst around you ship, freezing any orbs inside it for a short time. That should make it easier to complete the mission.
Aha, and how do I do that? I thought with RMB but this doesn`t seem to work. Maybe I missed it in the mission briefing, cause it was so overloaded with words I never heard b4!
It should be the Q key by default. If you have changed your controls, you can find out what key it is assigned to by going to the pause menu and selecting "Bindings". The ability is called "Chroneon Burst". Remember that you can only activate it when you have enough of the yellow particles around your ship from shooting the orbs. Hope this helps!