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I saw the need of knowing what the updates were changing.
Keep up the great work Devs.

Bellow is a copy/paste of it from other official page for the game.

1.0.28 Build Notes
Light Concoction, Soul Cannon, Wishing Well, Scrounger and endgame adjustments
Build notes:

Catch me if you can
A common feedback we've had is that sometimes it's not always possible to catch the Scrounger before it leaves a dungeon, so now Scroungers will no longer spawn directly next to an exit.
This will give you more time to chase them, nuke them, or shuffle the dungeon.

Note: Scroungers also prioritise using the 'core path' exits (black exits, shadow exits), so they may still spawn next to a coloured door, which they ignore if there's a core path exit available.

Granting Wishes
Wishing Well has been an ongoing source of mystery and questions:
Where did it come from? What does it do? Why did it take my Charm and seemingly to do nothing?

Well, now it'll take your Charm and do something every time because we've made it act similar to the Siphon Gem spell.

Now it'll give you the primary stats from donated Charms, every time you donate, so using the Well won't ruin a run. It might actually be a good investment! Stonks!

Item reworks
A couple of items have caught our attention in playthroughs!

Light Concoction previously did damage based on overheal, the effect is now:
Healing missing Health becomes Light damage to all creatures

We feel this will better encourage strategic play, as it requires you to have high health and juggle damage to make the best use of it. We hope this rework naturally makes it less OP, while still being very fun to use.

Soul Cannon previously needed you to spend all your souls and do that much damage, now:
Spend 30 Souls, deal 30 Soul Damage to target; 1 Cooldown

The old design was basically being used to nuke bosses and that's about it. The item wasn't versatile enough to use regularly, and we hope this rework makes it much more useful. It's more like a soul machinegun now - very short cooldowns and effective on anything.
It'll also synergise better with items which proc on spell use.

Endgame balance
We've noticed the dark ending in particular needed some tuning.
It was spawning cards in a way where people could fill the ring with potions, and get way too many cards in the ring.

Improved Potion spawning and Creature limits across the difficulty modes.
Boss Area of Effect attacks are better positioned and spread to avoid inescapable situations.
Boss Area of Effect attacks have damage increased from 5->15 and 15->20.
Updated icons for Area of Effect attacks.

Loot and creature caps
Further tuning for a couple of situations where too many 'brutal' creatures could spawn.
Skull doors are meant to be more challenging but there's a fine line to tread to make sure even rare spawning situations are possible!

Bug Fix
Rare ending softlock fixed
Hungry Sun properly considers all sources of explosion damage
Fixed minor bug where stat equip would project damage
Removed projected Light Concoction damage from stat increase

Thanks all for the continued thoughts and suggestions! We've been working hard on all this tuning and are excited to get back into content creation.