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As the topic states.

Windows: 1.3.3387r674
GNU/Linux & MacOS: 1.3.3287r1379

Delta is over 4 months now. I have queried GOG support, and received nothing but boilerplate nonsense and "Thanks for letting us know about the update". As if they have no idea that there are updates out or something.
Yet here we are, another update to the Windows build and still nothing for the other platforms.
Additionally, the last entry in the GoG changelog is dated October 2021.

This is pretty ridiculous, and at this point I'm seriously regretting buying the game thrugh GoG. What gives? When can I expect a current GNU/Linux build to be available here?
It's a sad state of affairs when I could get better update service if I pirated the game than I'm seeing with my legit purchase, but that appears to be the reality.
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steve_v: As the topic states.

Windows: 1.3.3387r674
GNU/Linux & MacOS: 1.3.3287r1379
Very interesting. But sadly not surprising. I haven't played the game in years now, but did buy it directly from the developer. Just checked out the download link, and it has 1.3.3387 for Linux. I've no idea what has changed in those four months, if it's huge improvements, but in any case it's shocking that GOG still are so far behind on game updates. And this is far from the only game where that is the case. It quite frankly looks like they have half-abandoned Linux as a platform.

Edit: Haha, the last version I had was apparently 1.0.2282. A few things have probably changed in the meantime. Like that weird expansion that I didn't really care too much about =)
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