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The creators of Richard and Alice have released a new game:

It's a short game and you can download it for free. You can also pay $3 for the special edition to get the soundtrack, wallpapers and a book from one of the creators.

I have yet to play it, but John Walker from Rock, Paper, Shotgun liked it and it's only thanks to his review that I bought R&A. I'm looking forward to playing it tomorrow. :-)
I just finished playing it. The art is very beautiful (if you like Pixel art), the music and the voices are good and I was never stuck during my play-through of slightly more than 30 minutes.

The story, what should be the main reason to play the game, is a different issue: (No spoilers.)

Your actions, what you as a player make the character do, make sense. The conversations you have and the things which happen or which you find frequently don't. It's the kind of game where you are supposed to piece together its meaning as you play. It didn't work for me. I think I get the big meaning and I can see how some aspects may be related to this meaning, but instead of getting an impression of mystery, the game simply left me confused. I feel there was just too much left unsaid and only hinted at.

I think Photopia is an example of a story where piecing it together works for me, because there's this moment of surprise when you put everything together and you are left with intrigue on how exactly the parts fit together. Maybe Dear Esther is also a game where I wasn't bothered by its vagueness.

If you hunger for a decent adventure game to play during your lunch break or if you don't mind spending more time thinking about a game than you spend playing it, Sepulchre is a good choice (and free). If your time is at a premium you might prefer to do something else instead.
Thanks for reminding me again of Sepulchre. This has been on my "to play" list for a while, but first I will finally play R&A.