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Changelog for Patch 1.0.2 (added 08 June 2017) :

** Due to internal technical difficulties, this update is currently only available via the GOG Galaxy client for macOS users. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. **

- Collision system calculations updated, should reduce the impassable tile issue count, including kills with some skills
- Consumable skill exp books properly give the exp to the equipped skills now
- Bone wall skill updated, should not cause any more issues
- Summon behavior updated, they should no longer stand on the same spot when a target as available near him or near the summoner
- Big (2x2 tile) monster spawning in corner prop (web, snow) have no more problems with its collision
- Equippable gem buff logic updated, should no longer have buffs from previously played characters
- Transferring items to character will full inventory will no longer discard the item transferred
- Boss level gold loss no longer happens
- Tavern menu can now be accessible by esc key
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.4 (added 23 June 2017) :

- Rare wandering eye haunt skill game progress halt issue is fixed
- Lava tileset collision issues are fixed
- Level 80 shaman boss teleport skill no longer halts the game progress
- Swamp skeletons no longer halt the game progress on their respawn skill use
- Shield bash skill use on lvl 20 boss no longer halts the game progress
- Mind control interactions on enemies that can summon minions no longer halt the game progress
- Gold skill experience is properly preserved now
- Set on fire and meteorite skills can no longer be used to kill prisoners
- It is no longer possible to go through the walls while using the charge skill
- Multishot does not highlight targets it cannot hit now
- Bear trap grants the experience for the kills properly now
- Mine tileset exit door clicking issue is fixed
- Summon damage calculation are in line with the skill description values now
- Skills show proper information in the upgrade tooltip when transitioning to gold skills
- Potion restore increase dungeon event now properly affects them
- Shadow off option added for low spec computers
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Changelogs not mentioned in the releases here:

Changelog for Patch 1.0.1 (added 03 June 2017)

- Save system updated. We have rewritten part of our save system to reduce the amount of issues with the progress loss. The problem is still there but it should happen less often now
- Shared stash will properly save the items now after the save system update
- Tutorial system received some fixes, people will no longer get stuck if they skipped the return to tavern part
- Summoned minion mana return will no longer cause any issues with other actions requiring mana to use
- Crystal objective prop interactions with multiple skills is fixed, some of them were stealthy and while they were not seen as soon as the problem occured, were messing with the future interactions along the line
- Preliminary fixes on skill exp book issues
- Level reward boxes now properly scale with the dungeon level
- Spike trap/Drain floor will no longer damage person who is attacking an enemy standing on those
- Collision issues fixed with big 2x2 monsters

Changelog for Patch 1.0.3 (added 09 June 2017)

- Rare exception when entering the game was fixed
- Rare drain floor player kill exception is fixed
- Certain enemy buffs no longer remain on a player after the combat ends (immobilize, stuns)
- Using multishot on one of the crystal objective props will no longer result in an arrow in the head and progress halt
- Ending a combat when multiple minions are present will now properly desummon all of them at once, no more being stuck in a corner behind your own buddy praying you got a health potion to skip the turn
- Enemy stepping into bear trap outside of combat will now kill him outright, instead of making him idle for a turn until player moves
- Rogue bronze armor and a weapon combination will now properly display the model
- Treasure chest cost now scales with the chest item level and quality, it's still possible to get more than you paid in a lucky quality upgrade chance
- Equippable gems sometimes not triggering their effects were fixed
- Fortitude skill lvl 10 effect removed from the skill before lvl 10, now will scale the exp by it's current percentage after buff expiration
- Skill exp book code updated, should properly assign exp to currently equipped skills after multiple tavern to dungeon transitions
- Potion description should be consistent with their actual healing percentage, happened due to rounding
- Gems now stack if a player has full inventory but there is a stack of similar gems that is not yet full
- Minor localisation fixes (thanks to the community)
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Changelog for patch 1.0.5 (added 07 July 2017):

- Adds Achievement
- Adds French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and Polish [Winfows and macOS Only]
- Rare case of game progress stop while dying on the drain floor fighting an enemy is fixed
- Rare case of game progress stop while trying to exit the dungeon in combat fixed
- Rare case of getting stuck in tutorial with a screen left over from the dungeon is fixed
- Updated crystal objective spawn logic to exclude spawning in inaccessible areas
- Fixed rare case of tavern button not being clickable
- Multishot used in corridors in some scenarios will no longer make an impassable tile
- Lvl 71 aborigen monster net trap will no longer affect players out of combat (used to prevent him to move)
- Lvl 97 violet fungus monster irradiate effect ends properly upon the enemy death
- Lvl 70 boss logic updated (prevented him from using his escape skill)
- Minor fixes with the combat highlight (rescued prisoners no longer gain the highlight in some cases, piercing attack properly updates it's highlight if called during enemy highlight display)
- Fixed an issue with the enemy hp plates not being rotated while reseting the camera by double clicking middle mouse button
- Fixed an issue with some of the potions unequipping themselves from the action bar when used, even if player had more
- Combat overhead damage text is properly aligned with the model height now (damage numbers no longer appear inside a big enemy)
- Combat log shows the amount of looted items now
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Changelog for patch 1.0.6 (added 13 July 2017):

- Multiple interactions with objective crystals are fixed (use of shuriken+melee weapon combination for example)
- Exit door action problems fixed (could produce a collision right next to the exit door, preventing level completion)
- Wandering eye issue where it would stop summoning minions is fixed
- Rare case issue that could stop progress at tutorial is fixed
- Skills with highlight (piercing attack for example) will no longer break lvl 20 boss highlights
- Piercing attack will no longer rarely use up all movement points on cancel
- Kick skill logic updated, should no longer break camera or rotate the character model in a way that's not intended
- Summon imp skill highlight updated (will properly show gold level summon and become red when unable to summon), summon cap is consistent with the description now
- Fixed an issue that could stop the game which caused by killing multiple oozes that multiply
- Fixed issues with the ability to move during arcane missile skill cast
- Vanity props (snow piles, spider webs, sand) will no longer spawn in unappropriate places
- Charge skill issues fixed (interaction with props bigger than 1 tile are fixed, will no longer put characters inside on another)
- Teleport scroll use while moving will no longer break collision on tiles
- Lvl 100 boss will no longer fight his own minions and spawned crystals
- Lvl 10 poisonous strike will properly apply damage to the target
- Bone wall skill use is fixed, should no longer break the game during goblin shaman and bone naga encounters
- Lvl 80 boss will no longer teleport outside of his room
- Death from reflected spell via enemy magic shield skill will no longer break the game progress
- Ice nova now properly immobilizes enemy
- Multishot will no longer lead to extra collision between player and the target in corridors
- Enemies charging through drain floors should no longer break the game progress in rare cases
- Implement indication for items that require higher level to equip
- Character now properly rotates to face the prop it is interacting with
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Changelog for update 1.0.7 (added 26th July 2017) [Win & Linux only - OS X will follow shortly]:

- Save system updated, it is required to delete the broken save if you are stuck in tavern, unable to click anything
- Save location is C:\Users%Username%\AppData\LocalLow\Soaphog\Rezrog\Save It is adviced to disable the GOG cloud save while deleting the saves, as it may sync the broken save stored in the cloud
- Crystal objective prop skill interactions updated
- Teleport scroll will no longer rarely place extra collision on tiles, making them unpassable
- Inventory interaction logic updated (fixed couple of issues that caused the item to be lost on dragging outside the window border)
- Dead body skill interactions are fixed
- Hp restore gem skill interactions were updated (skills should proc the heal now)
- Rare case issues with dungeon map are fixed, updated map generation to fix some wrong room tile display
- Rare case issues with the action bar potions are fixed (cooldown flag display was wrong after specific actions)
- Rare case of skill damage gained from level up loss is fixed
- Enemy spider web model will no longer move along with the player if it was used on player summoned minion
- Abilities that rotate character model should be more precise with the rotation, will no longer rotate the model out of place which happened in some cases
- 2x2 tile monsters will properly rotate when attacking the player
- Camera rotation no longer impacts floating text positioning
- Items will stack now if the inventory is full but items still have some space in the stack
- Summon system updated (summon highlight should more accurate now, enemies will no longer stop summoning after specific circumstances)
- Combat log skill messages updated (some skills had the coloring wrong)
- Multishot skill second shot used on enemy out of combat will no longer make him move outside of the usual turn order
- Lvl 38 hell goat summon interactions fixed
- Lvl 51 swamp spider acid web will no longer display the web model if the skill misses
- Lvl 51 snail rare combat enter freeze is fixed

Balance changes:
- Summon stats now scale of intelligence (aside from their hp, which still uses endurance). The scaling adjusted to make the summon skills have relatively similar power
- Enemy stat, skill damage changes
- Skill gem drop rate adjusted (will drop more small gems and the percentage of the element is tied to the skill count in each category)
- Boss legendary item drop will only occur once per boss map, then it gets reduced
- Exp gain curve adjusted (the character level will be much closer to dungeon level now)
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.8 (added 08th September 2017):

- Exp increase gem now works with skills that it previously did not
- Reward box loot level exploit fixed
- Leech mana and leech life use on an empty tile no longer hangs the game
- Charge skill interactions with 2x2 tile monsters are fixed
- UI controller logic updated, menu screen and hotkey use problems were fixed

Changelog for Patch 1.1.0 (added 20 February 2018):

New additions:
- Massive game optimization, game should use less memory and load faster
- New monstropedia screen implemented, track enemy stats, skills and get bonuses for killing multiple enemies of the same kind
- Inventory sort button added
- 16:10 screen support added
- Summoned monsters now have an X button near their nameplate to disband them

Bug fixes:
- Fixed multiple errors in translation text
- Lvl 36 stone golem magic shield interaction with player thorn defense now works properly
- Fixed rare ice nova game hang issue
- Updated skill with multiple attack logic, reduced a number of bugs when a monster is hit with those while moving
- Prop mouse collision adjusted for easier tile access
- Octopus skill use in rare cases that used to hang the game no longer does it
- Multiple skill interactions with big monsters were fixed
- Mana leech game halting bug fixed
- Swamp spider web not disappearing fixed
- Snail lieutenant skill use crash fixed

If you are experiencing issues with save games, please remove everything from "C:\Users\%your Windows user name%\AppData\LocalLow\Soaphog\Rezrog" before starting a new game
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.1 (added 05th March 2019?)
(copied from steamkiwi because it doesn't show for me under the changelog tab here)

Patch 1.1.1 brings a lot of changes and fixes and is available to everyone right now! Here is the full list:


- Prisoner release logic updated, less prisoners being stuck now
- Repairing fully damaged weapons properly restores weapon stats in all cases now
- Fixed a few issues with game sounds (reveal sound on zero volume, music stopping abruptly, door open sound
playing twice)
- Monstropedia tooltip is now properly displayed in tavern
- Enemy summoned props logic updated, less issues
- Line of sight logic updated, fixed some issues with Teleport skill
- Level 40 boss can no longer kick the player outside the boss area
- Rare issue of level 40 boss throwing a rock onto the tile with a player in it fixed
- Fixed issues where Summon Demon would consume mana when used with a demon already present on the
- Skill targeting highlight updated (Fire Breath, Targeted Quake, Piercing Attack highlight is more consistent now)
- Hotbar icon select/deselect logic updated, fixed some issues where the skill flags would get stuck visually
- Multiple text fixes on various languages, where the text would not fit on lower resolutions
- Dungeon generation logic updated, fixing cases where the dungeon would spawn with walls that can be walked
- Issue when the player cannot click anything in the tavern after the tutorial is fixed
- Chain Lightning issue that would stop the game is fixed
- Chain Lightning and other multi hit skills will no longer damage prisoners
- Switching between skills with prop highlight will now properly refresh the highlight
- Using space to end turn while skill highlight is on will now properly remove it
- Fixed an issue with spider web not disappearing from summoned minion after its duration ends
- Arcane Missiles issue that would stop the game is fixed
- Level 20 boss issue that would stop the game is fixed
- Level 20 boss will no longer push player character through not passable props like Ice Slab or Bone Wall
- Level 20 boss can no longer be oneshot by reflecting his freezing effect with Magic Shield
- Fixed an issue with level 80 boss that would make him teleport outside the arena
- Vendor sell value corresponds to the value in the item tooltip now
- Fixed an issue where summoned prop HP bar will get stuck in place
- World map camera issue that would nudge the map when moving cursor was fixed
- Fixed an issue with immobilizing some of the bosses that would make the game stuck
- Broken sword objective issue that would prevent the player from being able to finish the dungeon was fixed
- Menu callout restricted in menu while loading
- Piercing strike highlight logic updated
- Case of skill select sound being looped using fortitude piercing strike combination fixed
- Action bar hotkey input blocked while in pause menu
- Enter dungeon tooltip no longer gets stuck
- Skillbook title no longer changes to other text during gameplay
- Minor bugfixes and performance improvements under the hood


- Trader menu right click to buy items
- Right click to equip items in inventory
- Right click to move item from/to stash
- Sort button added to stash
- Output log clutter unnecessary statement generation removed, logs will be clearer now
- Small amount of exp will be granted upon killing crystal spawned enemies

If you are experiencing issues with existing save games, please remove everything from the following folder before starting a new game:
Windows: C:\Users\%your Windows user name%\AppData\LocalLow\Soaphog\Rezrog
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/unity.Soaphog.Rezrog
Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Soaphog/Rezrog

Also note that the game uses Steam Cloud and if you delete save files and launch the game Steam may automatically download old saves back.
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