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So I go into dungeon 2 whith the level 2 objective of Rescue all the prisoners. Strange bug. The exit doors were already open, when I click on it then says "This door will stay closed forever" with the doors being open.

I was happy that I finnally freed my 3 of my characters but then couldn't exit the dungeon. I click on them and they say "Lets get out of this dungeon" and I think I wish we all could but now I have to Leave with the "Warning, all progress will be lost if you exit the dungeon now.

Considering all that I went through. I'll wait to play again when I hear that bug has been fixed
Maybe there was another prisonner, an npc.
Unfortunatly this game is unplayable. Do not buy this game. I cannot complete lvl 3 do to bugs.
Yes, there are annoying bugs. But it's far from being unplayable.