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I have made it to Abdul's garage, but every time I throw the bones over the fence, the dog disappears but the bones are still in my inventory. Then, when I try to enter the garage, I get the normal "wait" on screen, but the game hangs there and I can't do anything....I have no control. In order to move on I have to exit the game to Windows and close the dosbox, then restart.

Anyone else had this issue? Is there a work around?
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Try installing the patch form this site - [url=][/url]
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triock: Try installing the patch form this site - [url=][/url]
That 8.49 patch is already included in our version :)
As it turns out, when I tossed the bones in a slightly different location of the fence the game proceeded without the glitch, ans I was able to enter the garage and continue on. Strange.....