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ShinobiZero: thx
Windows 10
i finish the bronze cup without crash, but i'm using RVGL
for now i want to play the original experience .
walikor: i finish the bronze cup without crash, but i'm using RVGL
How did you make the music work in RVGL? (assuming you used that to patch the GOG version)

Edit: Never mind, I've figured it out. The "music" folder needs to be renamed to "redbook".
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I have the same problem. After the 4th race of the Bronze championship it crashes to the desktop. I tried multiple times. It crashes always at the same point. I also tried to reinstall it to a different drive but it is the same.
I bought Revolt today and have the same problem. Anyone has a solution?
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i have contacted gog support also..
Confirmed my game also crashes after successfully finishing the Bronze cup, it also does not save your progress very frustrating indeed. Please release a patch to fix this issue.
crash after finishing bronze cup, windows 10
Same issue here, tried it twice and it crashed both times
Same problem here.
I have the same issue. Any solution?
Same problem here
Adding my voice here that I'm getting the same problem,