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I'm using an XBox One for Windows controller and it works fine with the game. The settings, however, are not saved so I have to select and re-configure the controller every time you start the game. Any ideas about how to make the controller settings sticky?
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Game progress (the progress table) is also not being saved so this goes beyond saving game settings. Strangely enough, time trial records are being saved.
Which version of the game are you running? (the version purchased on GOG / RVGL / something else?) It sounds like permission issues. Try installing the game to a place where you have write access (such as your Documents folder). Alternatively, you could launch the game with elevated access (right click -> Run as administrator).
I ran as admistrator by changing the shortcut properties and running the the sortcut directly. This seemed to do the trick Athough annoyingly it now asks me every time if I want software from an unknown distributor to make changes to my computer.

I was running before from GOG Galaxy so I changed the shortcut for GOG Galaxy to administrator and tried running Re-Volt from there again. Bizarrely, some (all?) settings I changed from running the shortcut directly or from GOG Galaxy aren't retained if you use the other method. I don't know what is actually happening when you hit the "Play" button in GOG Galaxy; no clue if the game is being run as adminstraor from there. And there's one setting, Non-linear steering for my XBox controller, that isn't sticky no matter how I run things.

Anyway, things seem to be working well enough now that the game should be playable. It might take me a while to beat a challenge time or win a race to see if the progress table is being saved though :-) This game is fun, but hard.

Thanks very much!