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How do you get this thing to start!?!? it keeps crashing everytime I try to boot it. I figured it'd be worth forking over the $6 just to have a version of the exe that'll run with newer windows but I guess not! I've of course tried installing the entire GOG version to get it to run with no luck what-so-ever. So far all the reviews for the game on the main page are positive and mention nothing about the many problems people have getting it to run. Google of course states otherwise with the disk version. I thought GOG exists to do just that and fix these game-launching issues so new windows users can in-fact enjoy these old games!?!? Guess ya can't trust them with EVERY title >..<
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Well I managed to get the game working using THE OLD CD'S!! On "Microsoft Virtual PC 2007" with a virtually installed copy of Windows 98 has well has the game to go with it. Thanks for nothing GOG/community. ~_~
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The GOG version works fine on Windows 7.