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I have just finished the game. Very good as always, but....I was feeling the need to do a slight rebalancing to the spells. Some of them are too expensive in mana, for what they do, or they are just plain, I modified some spells to make them more useful, and to match the manual's mana cost sheet.

Some examples:

- spells that drain mana/life are cheaper and the magnitude of drain is stronger

- "anti-magic" and "nullifier" spells (25% / 50% magic damage reduction respectively) now have increased duration: around 40 seconds. Before the change it was 6 seconds.....

- Level 8 spell "quicksilver" had an obscene Invoke level requirement set to 8....pretty I fixed it and now it is 23, in line with other level 8 spells

- Level 9 spell Aura was completely broken. Its mana cost was very high and it granted no armor bonus at all. I lowered the mana cost and set the armor bonus to +10. On top of that I added +20 resistance to burn, freeze and poison damage and increased the duration of the spell to 2 minutes (30 seconds before the change). I doubled the duration of casting animation as well.

- Level 10 spell Maelstrom damage increased. It was supposed to be the ultimate offensive spell, but it totally lacked in firepower...Now it is in line with the spell description. The cost is 1000 mana.

- Level 7 weapon mastery spell now adds 4 points of hand-to-hand combat skill as well.

- general damage buff to minor offensive spells such as Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Tornado and Fire Wind.

To apply the mod: open Resources.rvr (located in the main folder of the game) with WinZip, 7zip and other software alike, and extract all of its content to the Resources folder. Delete (or better, MOVE) Resources.rvr out of the main folder). Now you can take my uploaded file and paste it over the one inside Resources (rewrite when asked). Enjoy!

------------>Spell Mod Link<-----------
Post edited December 18, 2015 by Saradas
Thanks! What tips do you have for rebalancing and editing stuff in this?