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Seeking around on the net i have found nothing when i got this game years ago, and still nothing now

I know that there are under the "Resources" folder various .def files. They seems to contain the basic parameters for this game, but changing them did nothing

Are this files used for multiplayer only? Or simply overridden in the archives?

Does anyone know of any way this game can be modded? Like changing items parameters and such?
I did some digging around in the game's files yesterday while troubleshooting and noticed a few things that may be of interest.

First, the game has an editor! Don't know how to use it, looked buggy (rendering artifacts out the wazoo) as all hell, and I got the impression you can't edit the existing single player with it. (Could be wrong though) It can be started by checking the corresponding option under Advanced Options in the launcher, and I think there is a command line parameter that can be used too... can't remember.

Second, as you noted, there are many ASCII files in the directory that can be edited to control some things. Of particular interest is the Ahkuilon.rvm file in the Modules directory. It has parameters and scripts in ASCII format for many elements of the single player campaign, and indeed seems to be the principle file governing the campaign.

Ahkuilon.rvm is an interesting file, though. Not only is it full of ASCII scripts, but it is also a PAK file! By opening the file in WinRAR (Probably other similar tools will work too.), you can extract a host of other script and resource files used in the campaign. Only problem is I doubt we have a tool at our disposal to repack changed files back into the module file. You might try placing modified files in a "Ahkuilon" folder within Modules to see if the game handles overrides or something.

Speaking of PAK files, there are a couple other files in the root directory that can be unpacked as well. I forget their extensions, but I believe their names were Resource(s?) and Imagery... or something like that. You might be able to repack these as a common file type, like zip or rar, and then change the extension, but I didn't look to actually see if that's what's going on here. Again, both files also have correspondingly named directories in the same directory, so maybe there is an override system in place.

Anyway, that's about it for my findings last night.
Pretty much can confirm that indeed, the .def files contain and regulate the game parameters, however it seems the normal campagn is set to ignore most if not all override folders and use the original "resources.rvr" archive

Fortunately the game engine reminded me of a primitive NWN, adaptable and capable of loading loose resource files if the main archive is not present, so to ignore the campaign restrictions, all anyone has to do is to simply extract the "resources.rvr" archive inside the already present "Resources" folder without overriding anything, then remove the "resources.rvr" archive from the main game folder

Done, now the game use the loose files to regulate the game. I have already tested out changing the Revenant class parameters inside the "rules.def" file, and confirm it work

Still nothing for items parameters, but are probably inside some .dat file

Supposedly it's possible to do the same thing for the main campaign, extract everything in a folder with the same name and destination, the delete the main archive, maybe editing the flag in the module definition referring to the campaign being contained in a zipped file should do the trick

Can also confirm that .rvr archive are based on zip algorithm compression method, 7zip is able to identify and with some experimentation, perhaps re-compress the files as well, although for modding doesn't seems necessary

Now for a method to read those .dat files.....
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