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I really did love the game back then and as it hit GOG it was an instabuy for me. Unfortunately it only covers english voice overs. I remembered the german one way better and after "patching" the game myself it has proved to be right. (the voice actor of Locke is well known here in Germany)

I don't know about other localizations so this might apply to your language like French, Italien, etc. too. But I cannot test it.

As for german follow my instructions:

Tools you need:
- Original CD-ROM (where to get it: your endless game collection, Amazon, Ebay)
- 7zip (where to get it:
- UniExtract (where to get it:

- install the GOG version of Revenant (install folder henceforth referred to as "GOG folder" in this guide)
- install UniExtract (with menu context extension; should be by default)
- put the CD-ROM into your drive and open it (not autorun)
- right click and select "uniextract files..." -> choose a save location (henceforth referred to as "extract location" in this guide)
- go to the extract location and copy from folder *.\modules the file "Ahkuilon.rvm" to your corresponding GOG folder "modules" (rename the old file for backup purposes before)
- go to the extract location and open the file "resources.rvr" with 7zip -> copy the file "German.def" (or your respective language if available) to your GOG folder "Resources" (there is probably no file to replace)
- go to your GOG folder and open the "revenant.ini", search for the label "[Language]". Below you find the text "language=". Type German (or your respective language) behind the equal sign and within the quotes -> save the file

Now you have German voice overs and most ingame texts. Some texts like the game menu, parts of the options menu, characters stats are still in english and would need further action (you would need to copy files from the resources.rvr to your GOG folder resources.rvr and further files to your "Resources" folder, it gets more complicated so I don't recommend it). I want the GOG version as untouched as possible and since it's not a big deal to have some texts still in english I think we're good.

If you encounter any bugs, glitches or none at all with this guide please let me know. If it works please let me and others know. Thank you!
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