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In Windows 7 - the game starts, but then will minimize to the Windows tray after a few seconds of the opening movie. I click on the game in the tray and it opens to the main menu, but then minimizes back to desktop after a few seconds again. It just keeps minimizing over and over after opening it from the tray. Also, I can't see my cursor on the main menu. ???

UPDATE: Finally got the game to run in windowed mode that stays open and doesn't minimize. Cursor is visible too. Game runs fine, but I don't see any dialog, character portrait/status bars, map or menus, etc. If I hit ESC everything just freezes, but no menu. Seems like windowed is not working perfectly either. Any suggestions??

UPDATE #2: Finally got it running well in windowed mode. Had to force software mode, which doesn't look the best, but it plays fine now and everything is visible. If anyone has similar problems, I added "-NOFASTLOCK -WINDOWED -SOFTWARE3D" to the "Launch Revenant" shortcut. Also, need to switch to 16bit color mode before running windowed.
Post edited December 13, 2015 by yo5hiki