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I play the game previously, when it was released on gog, i buy it directly for play it. But just because i'm french, play in english was not the same expectation, has i play in my old time with the french version, so i deinstall it.

I see recently there is a french version who's come, so i reinstall it to try it, but now when i try to launch the game this message appear : FATAL ERROR Unable to initialize network.

So i think it's a problem with the online connection for the coop mode, so is there a way to disable the online connection for play only the solo mode ? because i don't know how to clean this problem.

I already try the launch has administrator but nothing change.

Thanks in advance for your helps (i see many old posts with the same problem, so i didn't understand why it's worked before and not now, i'm on window 7 on a laptop, i try to do the directplay things has someone tell but i don't know why but i cannot find the Legacy components/ directplay on the windows features)
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