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I was NEVER able to get the game to run in Windows 7 alone. Just find a copy of the old 2 CD version of the game from some torrent or anywhere you can. . Plus the GOG version of the game won't install on Windows 98 anyways. Instead I installed the 2 disk old fashioned copy of the game using "Microsoft Virtual PC 2007", I virtually installed a copy of Windows 98 using an iso of that, has well has having the game installed virtually through that operating system to go with it. Thanks for nothing GOG/community peeps. ~_~
Post edited September 04, 2015 by Clonest
The GOG version works fine on Windows 7.
For me it runs in Windows 7, will not start in Windsows XP.
Sounds to me like you created another thread to whine why the game won't work for you when you've got another thread with the same thing.

Quit bitching.
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Just bought the game, works fine! Don't know what's your problem....did you install it with Administrator?
For me it runs well in Windows 7 64 only when I set Windows 98/Windows Me compatibility mode for desktop shortcut created by GOG installator.