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DirectX Error DDERR_GENERIC in file D:\revenant\MapPane.cpp at line 6742
I am getting a DirectX Error DDER_NotSupported in file d:\revenant\DirectDraw.cpp in line 312 whenever I try to launch the game from the GOG Launcher or The Launch Revenant shortcut.

I have run the direct x setup in the revenant\_redist folder and the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer.
The first runs thru without error and the latter says all the files are there.

I am installed in c:\GOG Games and there is no d: drive. (it is a recovery partition)

Any ideas as to what might be causing this?

Note I am running Windows 10 64 bit.
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Try running the game by setting Force Software Rendering or putting your desktop into 16-bit color mode.
I think it was the Realtime Lights option that caused the error. Try disbleing it, if you dont use software3d.
I found the problem on my system anyway.

The Nvidia settings for display sizes default back to having the show only TV modes in the Nvidia control panel after getting new updates.

I have to go in and take the tick out of the checkbox so it shows all the possible modes. Now it starts up to title screen anyway. Now I have to work on getting mouse cursor in game etc.

Thanks all for your replies!
Hello, my game also crash right after start.

My OS Windows 7
Manguse: Hello, my game also crash right after start.

My OS Windows 7
Exactly my problem, I just went ahead and found a copy online of the original 2 disk version of the game as well has a ISO for Windows 98 and ran it in Microsoft Virtual PC instead. I installed windows 98 on that has well has the game on it of course emulating the disk drive so I can view each disk. Now I can play the game the way it was intended! Even though the music still doesn't work can always put it on loop through youtube. Even run it in a tiny window of Virtual PC to make up for the terrible resolution the game has! Hope this helps! :)
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i have a huge frame rate issue during the startup intro almost caused my card to malfunction for a minute i had to force end the process through task manager.
my card is , 760 GTX , OS win 7 64x

i was long awaited for this game to come at GOG. so i want to play it from GOG


the worked fine by setting it at 16bit color mode , but if there would be an update to work over that issue it will be highly appreciated
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