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Hi everyone,

We have uploaded the latest patch for Reus. This Universal update, as it's shown in your accounts, will bring your game up to version


Added Alt mode: depending on which settings you have activated, you
can't get some achievements (late level 3 or challenge achievements).

- Added 3 planet sizes: Tiny, Small and Large. Large maps activate Alt mode.
- Added No pause mode, which disables Space-bar pause
- Added Titan mode, which disables loading a previous point in that game
- Added Speed mode: double giant speed and half cooldowns. Activates Alt
- Added God mode: giants have immense HP. Activates Alt mode.
- Added Max mode: 4 Ambassadors on a giant give it all abilities on
level 3. Activates Alt mode.
- Added Random mode: You start out with 6 random ambassadors on the
giants. Activates Alt mode.
- Added Explorer mode: Higher level assets have an extra bonus, so you
are less likely to get a weaker ecosystem when explore-transmuting.
Activates Alt mode.

- Challenge developments cannot be met in Alt Mode
- The following level 3 developments cannot be met in Alt mode:
+ Paradise Island
+ Noble
+ Canyon City
+ Grand Era
+ Modern Agriculture
+ Royalty
+ Modern Physics
+ First World
+ Violent Victory
+ Mass Production
+ Peaceful
+ Utopia
+ Ancient Civilization
+ Diverse Town

- Fixed Moose's Large habitat, raised bonus to 15 food
- Fixed White Sharks first symbiosis to work with other sharks
- Lowered White Sharks base danger to 0
- fixed and changed White Sharks second symbioses: now gives +40 wealth
and -2 wealth per danger
- Fixed Wisent's Peaceful Coexistance to give correct bonus
- Fixed Superior Fox to give correct wealth
- Raised Superior Rattle Snakes Symbioses to +4 Wealth for each desert
- Fixed Superior Fox text to +20 Wealth
- Fixed Superior Javalina to give 3 danger with symbiosis
- Fixed Opium Poppy's text to match bonus (+50 wealth)
- Fixed Bobcat to give the right bonus on the second symbiosis
- Fixed Superior Pangolin to have right number aspects, and right number
of aspects needed for Yak
- Salt is now always accesible through both Seismic and Crystal Aspect
- Crocodile's Sunbath changed: +10 Wealth for each Mineral within
Animal-Range. Stacks up to 2 times
- Crocodile's Swamp terror changed: Each Buffalo, Orangutan and Tapir
within Animal-Range gains -2 Food, but the Crocodile gains +12 Wealth
for each such animal.

- Fixed Circus to work with Pangolin
- Fixed University experimental garden to work with Peppermint
- Fixed Spirit Plants from the Sacrifice Altar
- Fixed Hospital to work with Tea Plants
- Fixed Plantation to work correctly with Te Plants

Thanks and have a nice day :)