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What a masterpiece!

Anyway, I still have a suggestion for an upcoming update:
It would be great to be able to take notes when clicking on a name in the crew list or on a picture in the painting.

I would like to link information or ideas to a "suspect", long before I can confirm anything with certainty.

I like the idea since I found myself taking freeform notes on a notepad anyway.
Sorry to necro-post, but I agree. I just started the game, only about 3 hours in so far, and there was one memory where you overhear some people playing cards and speaking Russian. There's three people sitting at a table playing cards and I'd love to be able to mark those sketches as Russian or one of those three roles, even though I don't have enough info to specify which is which yet. Or like when you hear a name or a relationship and can narrow it down to a just a few possibilities.

Likewise, the bookmark feature is helpful, but I'd like to be able to use unique tags for certain people. Like, that's the guy who had the knife between his teeth and snuck into the captain's cabin! There's a lot of faces and I keep forgetting who is whom.
Taking notes definitely help in this game. I was writing notes down on scrap paper, but my hand writing is so bad I sometimes can't read it. I discovered that you can press ALT-Enter to switch to windowed mode, then use notepad or your preferred note taking software, then ALT-Enter to go back to full screen.